Media Club using Garageband ( Macbook)

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The media club start it off by learning how to create podcast using garageband, macbook. The students learnt how to record their voice and add music as the background. Their next lesson would be to learn how to create script and record to create their first podcast for the school episode.


Welcome to SR Kg Mata-Mata, ICT Department Blog

ICT wise, we are encouraging the students to be proactive in ICT and always try to integrate lesson and ICT even in their home with the use of online feedback system that are used by some teachers that help to create interaction with the students. The introduction of our “Mojector” project also makes the ICT mobile to their class for easier use in the class. Our upcoming digital library project is also underway and will be commencing in the near future. This will help introduce the ICT tools more in their reading.With the introduction of Microsoft Sharepoint in our school network, it help to fully utilised the communication between members using Instant Messaging, provide backup and better system filing using digital workspace and digital forms. for more informations abour sharepoint in our school systems, you can visit here.

The use of Sharepoint being put in “Terminals” in our staffroom and library for teachers.

Students using edmodo in learning environment.

Our upcoming project in using edmodo as our platform will also create new environment where teachers, students and parents will be able to interact digitally using the platform. Teachers will be able to give digital assignments, work so students can do it at home. Graded and give remarks online by teachers so students can do corrections instantenously using the platform. We had also created our own school network using the platform ,thus we can put the whole school community under this platform. You may visit our school account at .

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